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author image by admin | 0 Comments | April 6, 2019

Good Morning everyone! Hope everyone’s start of there Saturday is off to a good one. Just wanted to touch on a couple of things real quick.

Coalboy has been promoted to Lead! Coal has been a long time member with Project Warfare and we are excited to have him step up! Agents in the division 2 will be able to turn to Coalboy and our other lead Aqua for help/questions.

On that same note, due to the limit of spots in Division 2, the board has voted to implement the same policy as Destiny 2 members regarding activity before losing your spot. You can check the activity level in the “important-information” section on discord.

With all the new faces around, just wanted to quickly explain what a Lead does for the community. The leads are designed to be the first line of help when it comes to questions/problems within Pdub. They help with applications and other little behind the secens admin tasks for the community. We try to have a lead in each game currently supported by Pdub to help with in-game task/questions, but as humans, we tend to change games more then we change our underwear it seems as times, just keep that in mind that they might not always be 100% devoted to one game.

Anyways thank you for your time and have a great weekend!


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